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Amazon Says No to Guns… But Yes to Bomb Kits?

A British newspaper used Amazon’s online shopping platform to buy all the parts needed for a ‘Mother of Satan’-style bomb similar to the one used in the May 22nd Manchester Arena attack.

Employees for The Sun purchased £95 worth of bomb-making materials in a single order.

We used an account on Amazon set up that afternoon and bought the items, flagged on government warning lists.

No system kicked in to link our list of purchases and their potential use in making an IED.

It had taken our team ­minutes on Google to find details of ingredients required for a bomb.

The ‘Mother-of-Satan’-style bomb is an improvised explosive device that has been used in terror attacks in Manchester, Barcelona, and most recently in Parsons Green. The weapon is typically made with over-the-counter products and is designed to turn ball bearings, bolts, and nails into deadly projectiles. [article continues below]

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A member of the UK parliament noted, “It shows once again that internet firms aren’t playing by the rules. I would go as far as to say that Amazon is aiding and abetting terrorism.”

The materials purchased are widely available and can be purchased legally. However, Amazon has very specific restrictions on the sale of firearms, ammunition, and certain firearm parts and accessories even though these items can be purchased legally as well.

For example, Amazon’s policy prohibits the sale of muzzle brakes, a legal device designed to reduce recoil in rifles.

Amazon also prohibits the sale of “assault weapon parts or accessories” without any explanation about what constitutes an “assault weapon.” It is likely that Amazon’s definition of “assault weapon” falls in line with the language from the now expired federal ban of 1994 that codified cosmetic features such as a collapsible stock or a pistol grip as giving a rifle its “assault” status. Remember, the features vilified by liberals when it comes to so-called “assault weapons” are typically cosmetic in nature because they supposedly “look scary.” However, they do not make rifles more deadly.

That is why it appears many of Amazon’s restrictions are based in anti-gun ideology. Essentially, the e-commerce giant is virtue signaling the tired liberal mantra that “guns are bad” even though items prohibited by Amazon are legal to sell and own. But like the rest of the anti-gun left, Amazon fails to account for the fact that criminals, and in this case terrorists, can, and will,  still do harm regardless of how many restrictions are placed on firearms and firearm ownership.

All of the materials needed to perpetrate the evil acts intended by terrorists who would build the deadly “Mother-of-Satan” bomb can be found on Amazon, and apparently purchased in the same order. Yet, Amazon still continues to sell these items while prohibiting the sale of what amounts to a cosmetic accessory for a legally owned and legally obtained firearm.

See more on where Amazon stands on all the issues here.

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  • Crazybirdlady

    It’s actually even worse than this. Amazon actually makes recommendations for additional bomb making materials when you purchase something that could be used as a bomb:


  • donawyo

    Absolutely WHO needs to make a bomb except a terrorist? Are there bomb sites out there were guys practice making bombs and JUST have fun blowing things up like people who enjoy shooting have shooting areas where they JUST go out and hit targets and shoot cardboard cutouts of stuff? I don’t think so. So ANYONE buying a bomb has a nefarious use for it? Or am I uninformed? Does anyone know of a reason to buy a BOMB besides hurting people or a road crew buying one to clear out some land or being in the military to blow up buildings or people?

    • Cobranut

      It’s most certainly NOT your place to tell anyone what legal products they can purchase and own.
      When I was young, I and some friends used to make our own fireworks, because much of the commercial stuff was weak and boring.
      Yes, much of that material could’ve also been used to hurt people, but, other than maybe their ears and a couple windows, LOL, we never hurt anyone.

    • PC Bob

      Road crews and the military don’t have to make their own bombs. They use commercial grade or military grade explosives, NOT IEDs! So, guess who IS using these kits? It’s not likely to be kids, making fireworks!

      • enviropal99

        People trying to make these bombs will likely face the loss of their own body parts.

  • JeanneD

    It is plainly evident that the world has gone MAD !

    • enviropal99

      Not the world, just the USA.

      • JeanneD

        It may seem that way to you at the moment, but sadly there are some even
        MADDER than we !!!!

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