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Google, Facebook Team up with Planned Parenthood to Sponsor Left-Wing Protest of Women’s Health Clinic

Netroots Nation is an annual conference of liberal activists and organizations. This year’s event, featuring former Vice President Al Gore and Senator Elizabeth Warren among others is convening this weekend in Atlanta, Georgia.

In what is essentially the left’s version of CPAC, it is not surprising to see organizations like Planned Parenthood and the Sierra Club listed as sponsors. It also comes as no surprise that a Planned Parenthood sponsored event would include a protest of a pro-life women’s healthcare clinic.

According to The Daily Caller, CURA is a health care clinic operated by the Human Coalition, which provides “free medical services and counseling for women with unplanned pregnancies.” According to CURA’s website, all services are provided at no cost.

The protest of the Atlanta CURA clinic is an official event posted on the Netroots Nation schedule, which also includes a Planned Parenthood karaoke party.

Both Google and Facebook are listed as sponsors for the entire weekend, with Google serving as a “Premier Sponsor.” Mozilla, Eventbrite, and are also on the list of sponsors. Through their sponsorships, all of these companies have aligned with leftist organizations like the Emily’s List,, NARAL, the Sierra Club, and more.

Apparently, neither Google, Facebook, nor any of the rest will be footing the bill see the irony for attendees to protest an organization dedicated to providing free health care for women, as well as karaoke night with Planned Parenthood, an organization that has been exposed for its lies about providing health care. See more on Planned Parenthood’s false claims here.

To help the Human Coalition and CURA withstand the assault from these corporations, Planned Parenthood, and Reproaction, the host of the protest, you can donate to their pro-life work here.

Be sure to visit 2ndVote’s Planned Parenthood resource page to see all the companies that support the abortionist.

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  • Fakebook

    There are many alternatives for Facebook and Google. We can i.e. use Minds social service (it also provides more privacy – it has encrypted messenger and open-source apps), DuckDuckGo search engine and OpenStreetMaps.

  • James Bryson

    Has Google noticed more than half the USA finds their political pandering revolting?

    Has Facebook noticed that being a “tool” of the left is repugnant to 100+ million Americans?

    • enviropal99

      Where is “My Space” when we need it?

  • Cobranut

    So these organizations are PROTESTING against a clinic that chooses NOT to KILL BABIES???
    Whether you support someone who chooses to have an abortion themselves or not, how could ANYONE have ANYTHING against an organization that simply chooses NOT to KILL INNOCENT BABIES??? SMH!
    These f*****g idiots are EVIL!!!

  • Paul Raymond

    Where is this list of sponsors? I can’t find the one with WordPress as a sponsor.

    • Cobranut

      Wrong. The linked article is one which EXPOSES this site for what it is.

  • enviropal99

    Google should be declared a monopoly and broken up. Contact your representative to have them get rid of a worldwide monopoly that stifles free speech and charges whatever they want. They need competition but they destroy any that start to spring up.

  • Paul Raymond

    Netroots Nation has a ton of allies:

    Amalgamated Bank
    CREDO Mobile
    PDI National

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