Super Bowl Viewership Down 7%

Super Bowl LII viewership was down 7% from the previous year and fans have sent the National Football League a clear message—they want football, not politics.

Over the 2017 regular season, which was marled by the controversial national anthem protests, the NFL saw viewership decline nearly 10% from 2016. However, the league failed to heed warnings from fans, advertisers, and television producers and went so far as to institutionalize the kneeling protests as part of pregame ceremonies on national television.

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In November, in what appeared to be a settlement of sorts with protesting players, the NFL pledged $90 million in contributions to various “social justice causes” including avowed communist Van Jones’s advocacy organization and 501(c)4 activities. 2ndVote had previously uncovered financial ties between the NFL Players Association and George Soros funded anti-Trump “resistance” organizations.

Furthermore, the NFL denied an ad in the Super Bowl program placed by American Veterans (AMVETS) saying the request that players and fans “please stand” for the national anthem was “too political.” Apparently, funding left-wing activism and Super Bowl halftime shows like Beyonce’s homage to the Black Panthers do not count as “political statements” according the NFL.

Interestingly, the second half of Super Bowl LII saw a ratings increase of 8% as the game itself turned into a thriller that came down to the final seconds. And this should be the lesson for the NFL; fans want football, not politics.

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  • glenbo

    Take note that Eagles and Patriots players NEVER took a knee during their entire season.
    Please note that this was politicized by Trump.
    The fact is that kneeling has nothing to do with American patriotism, American Veterans or American Values as a whole. It’s an opportunity to be recognized for what they believe is an injustice of racial profiling.

    But old white rich men cannot comprehend this, and can only resort to politicizing it.
    And let’s not forget…African American players are of AFRICAN decent.
    They were originally kidnapped against their will and forced into American culture.
    Give them a break, Trump.

    • Angelo Giustino

      No they were not glenbo, there own people had sold them into slavery.
      Learn history.
      They were also not the only race sold into slavery.
      Get on with life. In this country everyone has an equal chance at anything they want to do.
      If you don’t achieve your goals you have only yourself to blame.

      • glenbo

        >>” people had sold them into slavery.”<>” In this country everyone has an equal chance at anything they want to do.“<<

        Are you saying LGBT people all have the same rights as you do?
        I think you are misinformed.

  • Angelo Giustino

    I will say it had to be more than 7% as all the people I know that were die hard football fans do not watch it anymore.

  • TheKnowerseeker

    *Sigh* Only ~10% huh? (From 2017. The 7% reduction in the 2018 first half was nullified by the 8% increase for the second half.)

    I guess NFL fans (except for 10%) are really just a bunch of God-hating, unpatriotic thugs, huh? Maybe the NFL has their bread-and-circuses audience pegged accurately….

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